Honorary Consul Yuliy Nushev

Yuliy Nushev was appointed as Honorary Consul of Georgia on June 8, 2018. Since then, in cooperation with the Embassy of Georgia to the Republic of Bulgaria, he has been actively involved in promotion of Georgian culture and traditions in Bulgaria. His activities are aimed at strengthening relationships between the two countries.

Mr. Yuliy Nushev is actively involved in cultural exchange. He helps bring Georgian artists, filmmakers and photographers to Bulgaria to showcase pieces of Georgia to the local audience. He participates in national Georgian celebrations and accompanies the Ambassador to events and historically significant locations. 

Mr. Nushev contributes to the well-being of Georgian diaspora in Bulgaria. Honorary Consul web portal provides Georgians with all the relevant information they will need during their stay/travel in Bulgaria. He supports Georgian students at the American University in Bulgaria with scholarships, which allows many young Georgians to fill their dreams of studying abroad. 

Mr. Nushev is part of the Association of Honorary Consuls of Bulgaria and an honorary member and co-founder of the Bulgarian – Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Also, he is a member of International Federation of Consuls.

For more than a decade, Mr. Yuliy Nushev’s professional path and interests have been connected to Georgia. He is the owner and CEO of Sofia Connect EAD, a leading telecommunication company, with more than 20 years of experience in delivering wholesale services to other operators. The main partner of the company is the largest Georgian telecom, Caucasus Online, which runs the Black Sea submarine cable - linking Georgia with Europe.

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