Visa regime

Travel to Bulgaria

Visa free regime for those citizens, who own a biometric passport

From March 28, 2017, citizens of Georgia who have a biometric passport do not need a visa to travel to the Republic of Bulgaria!

The biometric passport of a Georgian citizen needs to be issued during the past 10 years and needs to be valid for at least three months after departing from an EU member country.

You can travel in the EU without a visa only for short trips. For the period of 180 days, the citizen has the right to stay 90 days - it can be one-time or in periods. It is recommended to use a calculator before departure to check the exact number of days of stay:

Visa-free regime does not apply to long-term visits, such as higher education or employment!

If you are traveling for a long time in the EU / Schengen, a visa is required. In this case, the citizens of Georgia must contact the consulates of the respective country.

For visa-free regime (short-term visit for 90 days), the conditions can be:

  • Tourism;
  • Visiting family or friends;
  • Business trips or negotiations;
  • Participation in international seminars, conferences and exhibitions;
  • Participation in short-term educational courses, exchange programs/internships;
  • Medical services - short-term treatment/surgery.

In order to prove the purpose of the journey, the representative of the Border Service has the right to request the following documents:

Biometric passport;

Return tickets;

Hotel reservation;

Travel insurance;

Confirmation of the passenger's financial situation: for example, cash; active electronic bank card; bank certificate; a letter from the host to ensure the stay of the guest.


The amount of funds needed to finance the stay is determined by the domestic law of each country. Apart from hotel costs, this amount usually does not exceed 50 euros per day.

Travelers for conferences, seminars, or business, apart from above-mentioned documents, are recommended to additionally have:

  • Program for event / conference / seminar, in which they participate;

Travelerss on the occasion of visiting relatives, friends and acquaintances, together with the above documents, are also required:

  • contact details of the host (address, telephone number, etc.) legally residing in an EU / Schengen Member State;
  • A copy of the host's residence permit or other document proving the legal stay in the country.

In case of a trip for medical services, course / surgery or short-term treatment, together with the above documents, are also required:

 - consent of the medical institution in which you intend to receive treatment and / or recommendation of the Georgian medical institution to undertake appropriate treatment in an EU Member State;

 - medical insurance for the entire period of stay in the medical institution;

 - Proof of financial security of the trip and confirmation of treatment with cash, active electronic card or document confirming payments.

Visa for traveling to Bulgaria

Georgian citizens who have non-biometric passports still need a visa to travel to the Republic of Bulgaria!

Citizens of Georgia who have multiple entry visas from the Schengen Agreement have the right to enter, reside and pass through the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

In 2012 On January 31, the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria entered into force, according to which Georgian citizens who have issued visas from Schengen, Switzerland and Liechtenstein(does not apply to national visas) can enter and reside in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria with short-term and long-term visas, but not more than 90 days within 180 days.

This Decision shall not apply to visas issued by the United Kingdom, Romania, Ireland and Cyprus.

Visas are issued by the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Tbilisi.

List of documents to be submitted to the consulate:

 - The submission of documents to the embassy is done by the applicant;

 - Visa application form (Based on the purpose of the trip, fill in the appropriate form);

 - The passport must be issued during the last 10 years and be valid within the next 3 months upon departure on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;

 - copies of active visas;

 - 1 biometric picture taken in the past 6 months with a white background;

 - Travel insurance for not less than EUR 30,000, covering the entire Schengen area (original and a copy);

 - ticket reservation (electronic ticket - copy and original);

 - If traveling to a relative, a document confirming the relationship (eg birth certificate notarized - may be required to have an apostille);

 - Certificate from the employer in English / Bulgarian, translated and notarized (position, salary, duration of employment, letter of guarantee from the employer, that you will be hired after return to their homeland);

 - Financial security certificate (e.g. certificate of salary for the last 6 months, credit card certificate and bank account certificate).

Hotel reservation;

- In case of travel of a minor: birth certificate - original; Parental consent for the child's travel in Bulgaria - English / Bulgarian translated and notarized;

- visa payment of EUR35

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia warns you that the above information must be checked at the relevant consular office!

The Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Georgia contact:

0105, Tbilisi, str. 15 Gorgasali, 3rd Turn

Tel: (+995 32) 2 91 01 94; (+995 32) 2 91 01 95; (+995 32) 2 72 22 65  

Consulate: (+995) 577 58 51 52
Fax: (+995 32) 2 91 02 70