According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria, the state of emergency in the country will stay in place till March 31, 2022.

The conditions for entering Bulgaria from Georgia are following:

Georgia is in the "red zone", which means that Georgian citizens are not allowed to enter the Republic of Bulgaria, except for the following cases:

  • Georgian citizen has a temporary, long-term or permanent right of residence in the Republic of Bulgaria; or is a member of the family of a citizen / resident of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Georgian Citizen has a category D study visa of the Republic of Bulgaria and is enrolled in one of the higher education institutions of Bulgaria;
  • A citizen is a representative of the medical field and the visit to the country is related to the performance of their professional activities;
  • Georgian citizen carries out activities related to the transportation of medical supplies and equipment;
  • Georgian citizen citizen enters the country to engage in activities in the field of agriculture and tourism (in case of the relevant invitation and permission);
  • Georgian citizen enters the country to obtain Bulgarian citizenship, if there is a relevant order and letter from the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Georgian citizen has the official written consent of the Minister of Health or Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria to enter the country.

Individuals who are on the list of exceptions must submit full vaccination certificate with a negative PCR test or a proof of recovery from COVID-19 with the negative PCR test.

Individuals who enter the Republic of Bulgaria only with a negative PCR test will undergo 10 days of self-isolation.

Citizens of Georgia are allowed to transit through the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, provided that they justify that they leave the country within a short period of time and enter it only for the purpose of transit. In this case, no documentation related to COVID is required.

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