Attention Georgian Citizens

From January 7, 2022, the rules of entering Bulgaria have changed.

According to the January 5, 2022 order of the Minister of Health of Bulgaria, it is forbidden to enter the territory of Bulgaria from Georgia once again. Georgia remains in the "red zone". Entry from the "red zone" countries is prohibited, except for:

  • Georgian citizen having temporary, long-term or permanent right of residence in the Republic of Bulgaria; or is a member of the family of a citizen / resident of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Representatives of the medical field and the visit to the country is related to the performance of their professional activities;
  • Persons engaged in the supply of medicine and other medical products;
  • State officials (heads of state, members of state delegations), diplomats and technical staff of embassies and international organizations (with their families), humanitarian and security services entering the country for their duties;
  • Persons traveling for humanitarian purposes;
  • Seasonal workers in the field of agriculture and tourism;
  • Foreign nationals applying for citizenship of the Republic of Bulgaria with a letter confirming the above issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Persons admitted to higher education institutions of the Republic of Bulgaria with a category D study visa;
  • Persons with written permission to enter the country from the Minister of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria or his / her Deputy.

Individuals from the list above will be required to submit a vaccination certificate or COVID-19 recovery codument to enter the Republic of Bulgaria with a negative PCR test in the last 72 hours.

Transit through the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria is allowed. In this case, submission of documents related to COVID-19 (certificate / PCR) is not required.

The regulation is in power from 07.01.2022.


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