Traditional Cuisine

Bulgarian cuisine is extremely diverse and delicious. It contains many salads, pasta, stews and specific dishes that you can taste only in certain regions of the country. Many of the dishes are prepared according to old recipes passed down from generation to generation for centuries.

Certainly the most emblematic food in the Bulgarian national cuisine is yogurt. It has been a companion of the Bulgarians since ancient times. Only in our country grows the bacterium Lactobacillus bulgaricus, which serves for the process of fermentation of milk. All over the world Bulgaria is known for its yoghurt, as one of our national symbols.

Another typical product for the Bulgarian table is the white brined cheese, which together with the yoghurt is always present on the Bulgarian table.

One of the most famous and preferred snacks in the country is banitsa. It is a pastry product that can have different fillings - cheese, spinach, rice, meat, etc.
The country produces vegetables with exceptional taste. That is why salads occupy an important place in our culinary tradition.

Kiselo Mlyako (yoghurt) with honey and walnuts
Grape rakia

Along with the variety of dishes, in Bulgaria a centuries-old tradition is the preparation of homemade alcohol - the most common of which are homemade brandy (rakia) and homemade wine. Homemade brandy can be prepared from different types of fruits - grapes, plums, apricots, pears. After fermentation, they are poured into cauldrons, where they boil over a burning fire and the vapors converted into liquid flow into a vessel. To soften the taste of the brandy or to get color in the pots, twigs of trees, sugar, and in some cases anise are added, which give a specific taste and smell to the drink.

Homemade Bulgarian wine is made from grapes, and the Bulgarian lands have exceptionally good wine varieties known all over the world. The Thracian region of Bulgaria is saturated with vineyards that make preparation of wine a magical ritual.

This does not exhaust the richness of Bulgarian dishes and drinks. To get to know the culinary magic of the country, you have to travel around it, as each region preserves its traditions and offers different culinary temptations.